Growth Accelerator Program

The Complete Mentorship Experience for Dreamers seeking Direction

Have these thoughts ever crossed your mind? 

“I feel scared and lost, especially with graduation on the line – where do I go from here?”

“I don’t want to end up doing a job or things that I hate for the rest of my life – is this degree even for me?”

“I know that I’m meant for greater things in life – but I don’t know where and how to start.”


Don’t worry, you’re not the only one.

No one knew that I was at my lowest point because all they saw on the outside was their definition of a “successful” millennial who studied hard, completed internships like everybody else.

No one knew how I could never be present and enjoy the little moments with my friends and family because I didn’t know what I was doing with my life. 

No one knew I had friends who took their own lives even when it seemed like “they had it all”.

I’ve had the pleasure of being part of James’ personal growth journey. Seeing his willingness and drive to help others do the same is inspiring.
Matthew Cosar
Director of Strategic Growth, Skidmore Group

I Wish I Had Someone

I wish that I had someone who would be there to help me navigate the opportunities and pitfalls in LIFE. I wish there was someone who would just listen. If only I did, 

  • I wouldn’t have been afraid to do the things I really wanted to do.
  • I wouldn’t have wasted time and money because I was making rash decisions.
  • I wouldn’t have put my dreams on HOLD.

Imperfect Solution

After going through countless mentorship programs, I was lucky to meet my mentor, Matthew who pulled me out of a dark place. But not all mentorship programs were created equal:

  • I wanted someone to be there for me throughout the years, but I was left in the dust as soon as these programs were over.
  • I needed mentors who would help me in different areas of my life but I was often locked in with one who barely knew what I really needed.
  • I wish I had the chance to meet other amazing mentees who share the same struggle but I was locked into rigid contracts with no more than two people. 

I got lucky. I hit the jackpot with my mentor but I wanted to make the odds better for students who were like me. 

My purpose is to help young adults to not lose their ability to dream, who can wake up everyday making conscious decisions that moves them closer towards their biggest goals.

When I was having a difficult time, James helped me prioritise what is important in my life, especially myself. He was a great listener and guided me through the power of self care and encouraged me to let go things that I couldn’t control by surrounding myself with people and things that are good for me. His passion in helping and inspiring people to achieve their dreams and goal is really impressive.
Law Seng Peng
Premium Business Relationships Consultant, American Express Malaysia

So Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Growth?

The perfect balance between mentorship and coaching:

  • Monthly LIVE One-on-One coaching calls with ongoing accountability tasks & activities
  • Weekly prompts to accelerate your personal and professional development
  • Weekly journal reviews to help you navigate decisions and struggles 
  • Build meaningful relationships with a group of high potential and like-minded individuals
  • LIFETIME ACCESS to private group for ongoing support and development
  • Exclusive invites to private workshops and seminars
  • Monthly feedback and recap sessions to tailor this program to your specific needs
  • Opportunity to have intimate sessions with potential mentors and industry professionals 
 The Pillars of The Growth Accelerator Program
 1. Accountability
 2.  Community
3.  Balance 

Your Investment:

“a coffee a day”


* The Growth Accelerator Program is an ongoing program at $5 USD/day


Are You Ready To Start Living Your Life Purposefully?