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Turn Passion Into Profit

You hear it all the time:

“One day I will finally start that passion project I’ve always dreamt about”

“I have always wanted my own business venture, but I don’t know where to start”

“Yes, I will start my own business after I work a few years in this dreadful job and when the time is right”

But chances are,

Years will pass you by, you start to get comfortable with that average paycheck you get every month and before you know it, those big dreams and goals you once had get too far out of reach.

Don't Settle For Mediocrity

I wanted to start my first venture when I was 14.

I would do as much research as I could to learn about the industry.

I would ask my friends to see who was interested in starting a venture with me.

I would do everything to put myself in the best position to start.

And yet, I never did.

Was it because the common belief was that you shouldn’t start a business if you have no experience?


Was it because none of my friends had the same goals and I didn’t think I could do it alone?

Sounds about right.

Was it because of fear?


In my first conversation with James about starting a business, I could see a similar passion to mine in him which intrigued me. This inspired me to take a risk and begin working on my business. Similar to how James described the process of starting a business, I found it challenging, but very fulfilling. Throughout the first couple months, I could see progress and development which excited me. I didn’t believe I could be capable of accomplishing something so meaningful.
Tim Wolf
First Year Student, University of British Columbia

1 On 1 Business Coaching

Ever since I realized what my true calling was, I realized that I am capable, deserving and strong enough to start taking action.

And since then,

  • I’ve started multiple businesses while studying a full course load (one of which broke even in TWO WEEKS!)

  • I’ve consulted and competed in multiple case competitions, receiving high praise from top level executives

  • I’m a multi-time award winner for public speaking competitions and speech contests.

  • I’ve been headhunted for jobs and roles fresh out of graduation because my resume started to POP from these passion projects and business ventures!

Brands I've Impacted:

So Are You Ready To Put In The Work?

  • 100% personalized coaching plan specially designed to take your passions and turn them into a business that is not only profitable, but aligned with your purpose.
  • 10 weeks of Business Pitch Training using proven public speaking methodologies to make sure you are able to present your business idea flawlessly.
  • Weekly accountability calls to keep you on track with deliverables every week.
  • ALL ACCESS to mentors and coaches within the Apologue network to help you with every arm of your business.
  • Every single business successfully launched will automatically be an Apologue Official Partner, opening doors to potential events and conferences to help promote your business and lifetime support.
  • SPECIAL DISCOUNTS for future courses and programs
  • 24/7 email and messenger support

Your Investment:

$997 USD


* Minimum 3-month contract.